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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back after a While...

I have not posted here in a while, but not becase I forgot about it. I've been really busy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thing 23 Hooray

I think that the blog itself has been my favorite activity. I knew some of the things, but I have never even considered blogging before. I think I will keep it up for a while at least. Kind of fun :-)

I'm not sure that it has changed my "lifelong learning goals," but I certainly want to check out what's next in the realm of "things." I've always been kind of an obsessive learner, so "things" will be my flavor of the month until I find the next "thing." One great bonus of this program is that I know new and interesting ways and places to look for great information on any weird subject that blows my way! (Zombies anyone?)

Favorite unexpected bit - I found my daughter's Twitter account. I didn't know she had one, and I certainly didn't know she was searchable. YIKES.

This program is GREAT. Maybe publicize it more? I had heard of "23 Things" but I didn't know what it was or that I would learn so much and enjoy it so much.

Keep me posted if you continue the program. I can't think of a better way to stay up to date, and isn't that what librarians are supposed to do - learn what's out there so we can share it with others!

23 Things is a FUN way to explore what's out there...

Well, it's midnight... I'm outta here! See Ya...

Thing 12 - Finally

Well, I've commented on several blogs. My favorites are a blog about renovating a Victorian home (I have the GT obsessive thing), my brother's band mate's blog, and one I found about surviving the End of the World as We Know It... I commented on some from class. I'll go back and finish my class commenting in a few minutes. One thing about commenting is the diffence between a great comment and just a comment.

Two things I think make a comment great are:

1. It keeps discussion going. Let the blogger know what you agree with or disagree with... Ask a question. (I'm still waiting for an answer from one blogger about where she found her super - awesome video! I want to give credit to the person who created it!) READ the blog post first though. If you ask a question that was already answered in the blog you look pretty dumb AND you're wasting time and space on the blog.

2. Post links. If you want to get a discussion going, post a link to your blog. Post links to anything you bring up that is in a web site that you mention. It is really annoying to have a great idea that you cannot take any farther becasue you don't know where the information, idea, or whatever came from!

My brother's music comment

Oh, that song was from his first "solo" album... He made it for my mom and it has Steve on everything... Guitars, drums, lead singer, backup singers, etc.

Maybe I'll post some more stuff of his later.

His band is Spain Colored Orange. He's the cute bass player.


They have a few albums on Amazon.

More thing 21

Ok... I lied. Here is someting I made earlier. I still plan to try out the other program, but I had this saved in my Screencast account, so I thought I would share it.

Besides, my brother likes it when I share this one. I used music off of one of his CDs.

Thing 22

I went to the Texas School Librarians Ning. The first thing I saw there was Mitch smiling and Bronwyn's cute Avatar...

I can see this Ning not only being useful for getting information about "what's up" in Texas libraries, but also being a useful tool to keep track of other librarians you know...

It is not like a bunch of school librarians work in the same building and can hang out together or run to lunch together on their "lunch hour" (that's a joke...)

This Ning could help librarians feel more connected and is better than e-mail or phone calls because it feels more like a social site - like facebook.

The blogs were cool too. Lots of good ideas and information being shared by people who are living it...

Thing 21 or not...

I have been using MovieMaker for class and really like it.

My Sunday School kids have been working on a video this Summer. We finished a segment spoofing the story of Job in more modern terms - they called it Mean Girls - the Jo B. Story. It turned out pretty cute, and was not too bad for a first attempt. The audio on our little video camera was terrible and the kids had a fit when I said I might put it on here.

I sort of ran out of time on this one - not going to stay up much later, but I may come back and do it after the semester is over. I have a feeling that this week is going to kick my...